7 Incredible Asia Travel Transformations

You will constantly be changing currencies in South East Asia.

This was particularly common in Indonesia. I also often got people telling me that popular attractions closed at lunchtime or at the time I was visiting, and tried to take me to a gallery or shop. If you're thinking about it, I encourage you not to. Just go…as quickly as possible.

From dreamlike sunsets to eating the best pad thai I've ever had at local night markets, this trip was by far the best of my life. I also marveled at centuries-old UNESCO World Heritage sites like Angkor Wat and Bayon and pensively wandered through the Vietnam War Remnants Museum. OK, so not everything I did was over-the-top adventurous.

(We're still waiting for it to go viral.) Slight setbacks and sunbathing on white-sand beaches all turned into equally unforgettable memories. When one of our flights was delayed nearly three hours, we popped open some Tiger beers and created a black-and-white dubsmash of Adele's Hello" music video. When asked about my recent travels, one of the first things I've found myself saying is: I've never laughed so hard." This is a testament to the three girls I traveled with.

Follow our tips and book in advance for these months and you'll be flying more frequently at affordable rates. The best months to travel would be around April-May and September-October as these are the lull periods. A slightly longer journey but it will definitely be wallet friendly.

One example is to perhaps fly to Shenzhen instead, then use the ferry/bus to continue on to Hong Kong. If everyone is heading to Hong Kong during the year-end holidays, common sense will tell you flights are going to be more expensive than usual. In an average week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays tend to be the cheaper flight days, while mid day flight timings like 2-6pm will also be cheaper.

The day of week does matter as well. The difference from traveling a day (or even a few hours) earlier or later can mean huge savings on your piggy bank. The key to getting cheap flights is being flexible with your travel dates and times.

If you plan to jet off during a lull period (before and during school examination periods is a good example; Singapore exams happen around April/May and Steptember/October), just hold off and wait for airline promotions- they'll be coming soon. If it's just a spur Cuisine of Asia the moment, you will still be able to grab pretty attractive fares from about 8 weeks away. I did, however, get an absolutely fantastic fully lined (and padded in the chest area!!) Grecian style maxi dress custom made in Hoi An, Vietnam for about £25 / $38US.

Same for me Lia, I'm nearly 6ft tall and slim and its very difficult to find clothes to fit properly, especially with a 36″ inside leg! However, if you do like wearing makeup, follow these and these tips to help it stay on for longer periods of time. Cosmetics will literally melt off your face the minute you step outside of your air-conditioning.

As for makeup and hair products, don't worry too much about them. For clothing, you can find markets almost everywhere and you're never far from a fun shopping opportunity. 7-11 is a god-send providing (air conditioning!), food, beer, makeup, beauty products, and everything else in between for a small cost.

Whether it's clothing or toiletries; you'll be okay! These tips were good, but our main concern is finding the cheapest flight and where. My friend and I are currently planning a trip to SEA for a few months.

Check out Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore, perhaps Hong Kong as well, for cheap flights from wherever you're starting from, then see how much the outbound flight to your next likely destination is going to be. Since internal flights are usually pretty cheap within SE Asia, any hub airport is fine to fly into. I have been looking at outbackers which seems really reliable but there is a big difference in prices ranging between £200 and £400 fr 12 months.

I am busy looking for insurance policies at the moment- are there any to be highly recommended?