The 3 Best Things About Asia Travel

Wongnai is essentially, Thailand's version of four square.

You can toggle between currencies, set trips, and set budgets. If there was ever such a thing. Created by backpackers, for backpackers, trail wallet is a fun way to keep track of your expenses.

We've mentioned trail wallet before…but we will say them again as they are awesome! While I am probably the thriftiest and stingiest backpacker alive, keeping track of how much I spend is something I'm not very good at. Luckily, there are apps that can help make things easier. So, next time you're hungover, unable to walk 100m to the nearest pad thai place , keep Food Panda in mind.

Within a couple of clicks, you could order your meal and have it delivered straight to your door step. My partner recently got Lasik Surgery in Bangkok and since we didn't want to deal with all the hustle and bustle while he was recovering, Food Panda was our go to app. However, there are times when all you want to do is stay in and relax.

While I don't necessarily recommend staying in and ordering food all the time while there is so much delicious street food anywhere in Southeast Asia. Whether you're planning a fun-filled two week holiday or want to stay for a few months, we can hook you up with the best options. We know that Asia's jam packed with hidden temples, crazy sky-scrapers, secret beaches and forgotten villages - the question now is how can you experience all this?

From the iconic harbour of Hong Kong to the Great Wall of China; bustling Tokyo to tranquil Mongolia; Korean BBQs to fresh sushi and fiery noodles - East Asia offers visitors an unforgettable mix of scenery, cities, history and culture. Once in Asia, whether you're a fan of flexible travel or would prefer to explore with a group of travel buddies on a tour, we've got the right thing for you. Connecting flights offer even further possibilities, and with the student/youth exclusive fares available with STA Travel, you can be sure we'll get you there with the best possible deal.

Travelling to Asia is pretty easy these days, with lots of direct flights available from UK airports to the likes of New Delhi, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and more. You will feel like a real travel-pro when you are fully prepared when traveling in Asia. A good start is important and ensures that you (usually) don't find yourself in unexpected situations.

Traveling is one of the best things to do and the subject of the day at Yourlbb's office. Just open yourself to the experience of something new, and enjoy. You could spend a week there or you could spend a year there.

South-East Asia is an amazing place for travellers - affordable, exciting, delicious. By the same token, don't be scared. Just because you're allowed to do something in South-East Asia, doesn't make it safe.

If a situation feels dangerous, it probably is. Leave. You'll be met with smiles rather than machine guns. While the chance of finding yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time does exist, in general South-East Asian countries are incredibly friendly places, and mostly quite safe.

From Manila you could fly into Bangkok, go north in Thailand to explore the area in Chiang Mai, then head back south to the Thai beaches and islands (most people like to put some beach time near the end of their trip). Since it's such a spread out archipelago many routes are possible in the Philippines - have a look at my Philippines page News for asia travel information ( more. On Koh Phangan, prices will easily triple on or around the date of the Full Moon Party, rising to at least about $15 for dorms or $40 for rooms, though some dorms near the Full Moon beach may cost as much as $40/night.

Arguably this island is a victim of its own success, and I've noticed even Lonely Planet no longer lists it in its Top 20 (make of this what you will!). Koh Phi Phi takes the cake with basic twin rooms normally costing $50-80 and many dorm beds exceeding $20/night.