8 Little Known Ways To Make The Most Out Of Asia Travel

Just don't forget to pack your ear plugs. You'll get the same facilities with soft seats as you would in a sleeper, including air-con and trolley service. The trains in Vietnam are currently undergoing an upgrade and the rust buckets of the 60s and 70s are now slowly being replaced but more modern, often Korean, models.

Don't get the wrong idea, soft seats are no first class, but at least you get a bit more breathing space and they do recline all the way out, plus they're the cheapest option for basic comfort. It may seem sensible to go for the sleeper seats, which are usually four beds on two levels per cabin, but these are often cramped and riddled with bed bugs. If you choose to go by night train, soft seats are the most economic choice.

There is a good food court on the 5th floor (inexpensive and tasty thai food). The bathrooms are so extraordinary that they have their own check-in on Four Square! Tips & notes: Visit Terminal 21 Mall for an fun experience, even if you're not shopping.

But if you have a particular brand of diaper you like, you might consider bringing some with you. There are babies in Southeast Asia, too, of course. Because some toilets don't have toilet paper.

Yes, you can find this in Southeast Asian shops, but you'll want to keep some with you from day one. Food in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia often has chiles cooked in. Vietnamese food often has the hottest condiments on the side. In fact, in some places in Indonesia, for example, people still smoke on public buses…with the windows closed!

Not no in most of Southeast Asia. If you're coming from many places in the West, then you're now used to seeing smoking cordoned off to specific areas. During your travels, someone is bound to try to sell you something or take you somewhere, and you don't want it.

This can be used throughout Southeast Asia and many other parts of the world. Unless you walk, that is. Or hire a driver everywhere. If you insist on seat belts for your child everywhere you go, you won't go very far in Southeast Asia.

Lots of taxis won't have seat belts. When you venture into Southeast Asia travel news with kids, don't expect the same safety standards. This saved them hundreds of dollars.

I know several families who got their shots (or some of them) at health clinics in Bangkok once they had arrived in Southeast Asia with kids. One way to save money on these is to have them done once you arrive. Vaccinations can be quite expensive in most countries.

That's what some scientists think, anyway. Because flying east cuts your circadian rhythms more harshly. In general, flying eastward creates worse jetlag.

Chances are that you'll be crossing a lot of time zones to reach Southeast Asia with kids. In most of Vietnam , it's the summer months of July and August. In places like Krabi (Thailand), Penang (Malaysia) and Sumatra (Indonesia), the wet season is September and October.

It's a great place to explore with children, and so I've put together some of the most important lessons I've learned into a few tips for you. We have some of our strongest family travel memories while in Southeast Asia with kids. From the old hippie to the nervous young backpacker, our site is a mix of all the different travellers you'll meet on the road!

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So much to do and feels a lot more like the real Thailand after a few weeks on Khao San road and Koh Pangan!