7 Reasons People Laugh About Your Asia Travel

The above average does hide some significant outliers.

Thanks to ubiquitous street food, an efficient metro system, and cheap tuk-tuks, your overall budget for Bangkok won't need to be high. The gradually gentrifying backpacker district of Khao San still has some ultra-cheap dives ($5-8), but for a bed in a modern and reputable hostel with full amenities, the cost averages at about $12.50 a night. Travel costs are extremely low while still giving you a lot of great value, so its popularity with backpackers is no coincidence.

Southeast Asia is an amazing region to travel even on a tight budget. If you're there in mid-August, you'll be just in time to see Upacara Kasodo, the monthly ritual which the Tenggerese take part in. Get up early to catch one of the most memorable sunrises of your life. You'll not want to miss out on getting a snap of the smoldering Bromo volcano as it lies surrounded by the almost lunar landscape of the Sea of Sand.

Watch the sun rise over an Indonesian Volcano - One of the most popular tourist attractions on Java is Mount Bromo and its National Park. Some Cuisine of Asia (asiatravel.news) the best: Perhentian Islands (Malaysia), Rabbit Island (Cambodia), Ko Lanta (Thailand), Ko Chang (Thailand), Ko Tarutao National Park (Thailand). You have some of the best in the world here, places here you can lie on the beach, soak up some sun, and cool off in azure blue water.

Situate yourself on some tropical islands - There's more tropical islands in this part of the world than can be named. They have some of the best and cheapest food in Asia! Don't forget to also visit Little India and Chinatown.

Try the hawker stalls of Singapore for great eats. Eat in Singapore - Thought Thailand had great food? Some of the best places are Ko Tao (Thailand), Sipidan (Malaysia), as well as Indonesia and the Philippines.

Learn to dive here at a fraction of what it would cost back home. Learn to dive - There are many great dive sites around the region. Some of the best treks are in Laos and Malaysia, though the ones in Thailand are the most convenient.

The area is covered in amazing jungles with a diverse wildlife. Go jungle trekking - No matter where you do it, jungle trekking is a must for any traveler. Even with a balance of Western meals and local dishes, I rarely spend more than $15 USD per day on food unless I decide to feed my sushi addiction.

Food - Food is very inexpensive in Southeast Asia and if you are spending a lot of money on food, you are doing something wrong. Before you know it, you'll develop a love affair with this beautiful place that's steeped in history. This majestic structure located in Yangon is one of the country's amazing tourist spots.

We also recommend you to spend some time in the Shwedagon Paya. If you desire to learn more about the culture, you can explore the country's capital, Yangon. If you want some peace and quiet, you can chill on a riverboat cruise to Mandalay.

Plus, there are tons of fun things to do in this majestic country. Experienced travelers never fail to praise Myanmar for its safety. Or head to Cameron Highlands or Penang; the latter is known for amazing heritage walks, street art, and for picture-perfect memories.

Besides the busy city of KL, Malacca is also popular for its Peranakan cultural roots, traditional buildinds, and wide variety of food offerings. Apart from the famous Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, you can also check out the KL Menara Tower and explore the shopping districts to bag some great bargains. And with the increase of budget airlines between the two, it has attracted plenty of travelers in recent years.

Malaysia is one of the countries in Asia with a chockful of connecting flights from the Philippines. There's also comprehensive hotel reviews powered by Trip Advisor if you need to find out more about your accommodation. If you're looking for the best bargains for your next trip in Southeast Asia, there's another booking platform app called Traveloka to find the best deals for flight and accommodation.