10 Awesome Tips About Asia Travel From Unlikely Sources

In February 2013, S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, the organizers of the World's 50 Best Restaurants Awards () will host the first Asia's 50 Best Restaurants Awards in Singapore. Southeast Asia Cuisine Travel News: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Timor Leste.

Download these nine great apps before your next trip overseas. Now that there are apps for nearly everything, international travel is easier than ever. Traveling in a foreign country where you don't speak the local language can be difficult, especially if the street signs aren't in English.

McAleer sent the orphanage a box of supplies in February 2003, and it didn't arrive until May 2004. Mailing items to Cambodia is tricky business. The monks were teaching them English using 10-year0old newspaper articles, she said.

When McAleer was there, the 30-child orphanage had a small blackboard and one piece of chalk per six children. Andrea said, it's not really the same" to read about the Sundance Film Festival online when they used to go every year. The Rosses, of course, miss their families and American conveniences.

About a year after the trip, the Rosses decided to return for a month to test the possibility of opening a tourist business there, and see if they could actually adjust to life in a different culture. All the feedback we have gotten is that this enthusiasm is what makes the days in the temples great. In the beginning, we thought we would just pick the guides that spoke the best English, but in the end, the guides we work with are the ones that not only speak fairly good English but also have a passion for Angkor Wat and Cambodia.

We met with many of them to see how good their English was and how they felt about guiding and the temples. They live and work from their three-bedroom B&B, which is about 10 minutes from the entrance of the Angkor Wat complex. From their insider perch, they create tour packages and independent itineraries for Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

Our guests that have participated have loved it and the projects, especially the school, have benefited so much from the Western input," Brandon said. The tourist season is approaching, and a drop in visitors could devastate the country's already battered economy. More than 138,000 people are listed as dead or missing.

While the news media quickly moved on to cover the riots in Tibet and the Democratic primaries, those in Myanmar are still trying to pick up the pieces, with little help from their ruling junta. Remember the devastating cyclone that hit Myanmar (also known as Burma) back in May? Along the way, they heard some many wonderful things from travelers about Cambodia, they booked their trip and fell in love with the hope and excitement" Cambodians have for their country.

I would probably not have considered many of the adventures for lack of information about whether they were kid-friendly or not. After just a few email exchanges, we had a wonderful itinerary planned, packed with lots adventures beyond the temples. At the same time having lived in Cambodia for the past 8 years with their young kids, they really had the inside scoop on what's kid-friendly.

Being Americans themselves they totally understood what would be intriguing and what would be challenging for a family coming from the west. If you want to get more ambitious in applying ideals to your itineraries, you can plan your next trip through a nonprofit organization that sidesteps global corporations where possible and strives to put revenue in the hands of local communities…. Today we talk to Andrea Ross of Journeys Within.

We ask travel experts not where we'll all be going in the future, but where they're going now. Journey's Within notes that this particular family tour is a way to give back and become a part of a better future for this country and to show your kids the amazing rewards of helping others". Journey's Within customizes all of their tours, including a family fun giving back vacation which includes visits and volunteer opportunities at JWOC project sites.

How to get there: Tour Company Journeys Within can arrange private transfers to Nam Nern Night Safari.