7 Incredible Asia Travel Transformations

You will constantly be changing currencies in South East Asia.

This was particularly common in Indonesia. I also often got people telling me that popular attractions closed at lunchtime or at the time I was visiting, and tried to take me to a gallery or shop. If you're thinking about it, I encourage you not to. Just go…as quickly as possible.

From dreamlike sunsets to eating the best pad thai I've ever had at local night markets, this trip was by far the best of my life. I also marveled at centuries-old UNESCO World Heritage sites like Angkor Wat and Bayon and pensively wandered through the Vietnam War Remnants Museum. OK, so not everything I did was over-the-top adventurous.

(We're still waiting for it to go viral.) Slight setbacks and sunbathing on white-sand beaches all turned into equally unforgettable memories. When one of our flights was delayed nearly three hours, we popped open some Tiger beers and created a black-and-white dubsmash of Adele's Hello" music video. When asked about my recent travels, one of the first things I've found myself saying is: I've never laughed so hard." This is a testament to the three girls I traveled with.

Follow our tips and book in advance for these months and you'll be flying more frequently at affordable rates. The best months to travel would be around April-May and September-October as these are the lull periods. A slightly longer journey but it will definitely be wallet friendly.

One example is to perhaps fly to Shenzhen instead, then use the ferry/bus to continue on to Hong Kong. If everyone is heading to Hong Kong during the year-end holidays, common sense will tell you flights are going to be more expensive than usual. In an average week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays tend to be the cheaper flight days, while mid day flight timings like 2-6pm will also be cheaper.

The day of week does matter as well. The difference from traveling a day (or even a few hours) earlier or later can mean huge savings on your piggy bank. The key to getting cheap flights is being flexible with your travel dates and times.

If you plan to jet off during a lull period (before and during school examination periods is a good example; Singapore exams happen around April/May and Steptember/October), just hold off and wait for airline promotions- they'll be coming soon. If it's just a spur Cuisine of Asia the moment, you will still be able to grab pretty attractive fares from about 8 weeks away. I did, however, get an absolutely fantastic fully lined (and padded in the chest area!!) Grecian style maxi dress custom made in Hoi An, Vietnam for about £25 / $38US.

Same for me Lia, I'm nearly 6ft tall and slim and its very difficult to find clothes to fit properly, especially with a 36″ inside leg! However, if you do like wearing makeup, follow these and these tips to help it stay on for longer periods of time. Cosmetics will literally melt off your face the minute you step outside of your air-conditioning.

As for makeup and hair products, don't worry too much about them. For clothing, you can find markets almost everywhere and you're never far from a fun shopping opportunity. 7-11 is a god-send providing (air conditioning!), food, beer, makeup, beauty products, and everything else in between for a small cost.

Whether it's clothing or toiletries; you'll be okay! These tips were good, but our main concern is finding the cheapest flight and where. My friend and I are currently planning a trip to SEA for a few months.

Check out Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore, perhaps Hong Kong as well, for cheap flights from wherever you're starting from, then see how much the outbound flight to your next likely destination is going to be. Since internal flights are usually pretty cheap within SE Asia, any hub airport is fine to fly into. I have been looking at outbackers which seems really reliable but there is a big difference in prices ranging between £200 and £400 fr 12 months.

I am busy looking for insurance policies at the moment- are there any to be highly recommended?

The 3 Best Things About Asia Travel

Wongnai is essentially, Thailand's version of four square.

You can toggle between currencies, set trips, and set budgets. If there was ever such a thing. Created by backpackers, for backpackers, trail wallet is a fun way to keep track of your expenses.

We've mentioned trail wallet before…but we will say them again as they are awesome! While I am probably the thriftiest and stingiest backpacker alive, keeping track of how much I spend is something I'm not very good at. Luckily, there are apps that can help make things easier. So, next time you're hungover, unable to walk 100m to the nearest pad thai place , keep Food Panda in mind.

Within a couple of clicks, you could order your meal and have it delivered straight to your door step. My partner recently got Lasik Surgery in Bangkok and since we didn't want to deal with all the hustle and bustle while he was recovering, Food Panda was our go to app. However, there are times when all you want to do is stay in and relax.

While I don't necessarily recommend staying in and ordering food all the time while there is so much delicious street food anywhere in Southeast Asia. Whether you're planning a fun-filled two week holiday or want to stay for a few months, we can hook you up with the best options. We know that Asia's jam packed with hidden temples, crazy sky-scrapers, secret beaches and forgotten villages - the question now is how can you experience all this?

From the iconic harbour of Hong Kong to the Great Wall of China; bustling Tokyo to tranquil Mongolia; Korean BBQs to fresh sushi and fiery noodles - East Asia offers visitors an unforgettable mix of scenery, cities, history and culture. Once in Asia, whether you're a fan of flexible travel or would prefer to explore with a group of travel buddies on a tour, we've got the right thing for you. Connecting flights offer even further possibilities, and with the student/youth exclusive fares available with STA Travel, you can be sure we'll get you there with the best possible deal.

Travelling to Asia is pretty easy these days, with lots of direct flights available from UK airports to the likes of New Delhi, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and more. You will feel like a real travel-pro when you are fully prepared when traveling in Asia. A good start is important and ensures that you (usually) don't find yourself in unexpected situations.

Traveling is one of the best things to do and the subject of the day at Yourlbb's office. Just open yourself to the experience of something new, and enjoy. You could spend a week there or you could spend a year there.

South-East Asia is an amazing place for travellers - affordable, exciting, delicious. By the same token, don't be scared. Just because you're allowed to do something in South-East Asia, doesn't make it safe.

If a situation feels dangerous, it probably is. Leave. You'll be met with smiles rather than machine guns. While the chance of finding yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time does exist, in general South-East Asian countries are incredibly friendly places, and mostly quite safe.

From Manila you could fly into Bangkok, go north in Thailand to explore the area in Chiang Mai, then head back south to the Thai beaches and islands (most people like to put some beach time near the end of their trip). Since it's such a spread out archipelago many routes are possible in the Philippines - have a look at my Philippines page News for asia travel information (https://asiatravel.news) more. On Koh Phangan, prices will easily triple on or around the date of the Full Moon Party, rising to at least about $15 for dorms or $40 for rooms, though some dorms near the Full Moon beach may cost as much as $40/night.

Arguably this island is a victim of its own success, and I've noticed even Lonely Planet no longer lists it in its Top 20 (make of this what you will!). Koh Phi Phi takes the cake with basic twin rooms normally costing $50-80 and many dorm beds exceeding $20/night.

7 Closely-Guarded Asia Travel Secrets Explained in Explicit Detail

Bathing suits, short-shorts, and tank tops are not appropriate in most situations. When you're not at the beach, cover up a bit more and dress appropriately , especially when visiting temples.

Even though it's a hot region, most parts of this area are fairly conservative. Make-up - Remember that it is really hot and humid in most parts of Southeast Asia and you're likely to spend a lot of time sweating off your make-up. As your blog is super helpful for me. I will keep all your points in my mind as i am thinking of visiting few countries in southeast asia.

I just want to thank you. Do you have any banker recommendations? I opened up a Charles Schwab account for the ATM card, but I wanted to get a credit card with 0 foreign transaction fees as well, just as a precaution.

Quick question: did you get a credit card for this trip? You have really helped me out as I plan for my backpacking trip to SEA, Australia, and New Zealand (leaving in 65 days!!-but who's counting?!). HUGE fan of your blog and the advice you give.

My idea is to save a bit more before your trip and really enjoy the time there …. if you find yourself penny-pinching then wait for another season and build those extra bucks…The worst thing is to see something that your friends enjoying while you couldn't afford. Apparently one of the requirements for Thailand's free 30-day tourist visa is to have proof of an onward or return airline ticket within 30-days of arriving." I'm planning on flying to Bangkok and staying there until my 30 days expire, at which point I'll heading to Cambodia -> Vietnam -> Laos via LAND transport however (i'm planning on buying my bus and train tickets when I get there). Note: Though I spent roughly three months in Thailand, and six weeks each in Malaysia and Indonesia, for the purposes of this article, I crunched the numbers to make it a month each for simplification and easier planning.

Travelfish Free Ebooks : A series of free ebooks, from best Bangkok hotels to 52 weekends of travel, put out by one of our favorite websites for Southeast Asia travel information. You'll be taking photos probably, so remember to pack your GoPro, camera or smartphone, but that goes without saying. Don't forget your shades, a hat, and a pair of comfortable footwear like flip-flops or sandals.

In rural areas, mosquitos can be rife, and with dengue fever and malaria common in some parts like Cambodia and Myanmar, it's important you take precautions. You'll be in hot weather and the sun can be relentless here. For Asia, bringing SPF, Mosquito spray, malaria tablets (prescribed) are all necessary.

All very important to not get lax on those, as it can dramatically cut short your solo adventures! Think of clothing cover, repellents, water/drinking safety, food and personal hygiene as an example. Addition to that, don't forget to take your common sense with you though too!

Most of the time you will go to your own local travel clinics depending which country you are from. Typhoid, Hepatitis A & B, Japanese Encephalitis and Tetanus vaccinations are all common vaccinations to get prior to your travels, with malaria medication purchased in form of oral tablets. Because you'll be travelling throughout countries that have environments that can impose diseases and viruses foreign to you, as well as practices and facilities being a little less strict, getting the necessary travel vaccinations is something to definitely consider as a priority.

Travelling solo really does bring out the best in you, as you're constantly pushed out of your comfort zone and that not only benefits you on your travels, but also in the rest of your life too. Your hard work of doing what you want based on how you feel and when you want will pay off, you meet new friends and you will push your independence all whilst travelling vastly into your unknown world. Traffic never stops in South East Asia, and people have a real passion for honking: they honk to get others out of their way; they honk to get the traffic moving; they honk just to say they are driving by. Personally, I can't stand the noise of traffic when I am trying to sleep so I was really glad I had carried a pair of ear plugs to wear at night - at least I could get some decent sleep.

Asia Travel Awards: Four Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It

Tips & notes: Skip the nightly market, but be there on a Sunday to visit the Sunday night walking street (inside the east gate).

There are few truly affordable options. Budget: Prices have increased significantly in recent years in Yangon. We generally stay with friends in Ladakh so though I have been traveling there for 20 years I don't have any hotels that I can honestly recommend.

They don't affect your price in the slightest but they allow us to keep researching for the greater good. We're hoping if you find a hotel to your liking, you'll book it through the links below or these search boxes. How can we provide this comprehensive resource totally FREE?

Here are a few pages dedicated to some of our favorite Southeast Asian destinations. We have plenty of tips and advice to share. Looking for specific information on specific Southeast Asian locations?

Lighter skin is considered more beautiful here, so beware. Moreover, a lot of Southeast Asian cosmetics have skin-whitening agents in them. As for cosmetics, you may find your favorites, but chances are you won't.

Fruit that you peel is less prone to water-borne bacteria. Ice is generally safe, as it's made with filtered water. It's best to drink bottled water in Southeast Asia.

Do your best to follow these when you can. Just like in cathedrals in Europe, many temples, shrines, and mosques in Southeast Asia Cuisine (asiatravel.news) have dress codes and other codes of conduct. They may be entertained and shown off to neighbors during the entire meal.

If you eat at a family-run restaurant in Vietnam or Thailand, it's very common for babies and toddlers to be whisked away by staff. Some travel vaccinations require multiple visits. Start planning your vaccinations long before you fly to Southeast Asia with kids.

I loved it so much that I never went home. I lived and worked in Taiwan, and explored Southeast Asia during my vacation time. In 1997, I left Atlanta (my hometown) for a year abroad.

Something to think about, for sure! Everyone else was complaining about their bites, but it wasn't until I put on sunscreen that I was bit about ten times. I had been in Chiang Rai for 5 days before I had a single mosquito bite.

Your hand sanitizer suggestion brought back a memory of mine. Please note, all images were suitable for use at the time of publication according to the Creative Commons License. Thanks to giladr , hern42 , Electrostatico , The Wandering Angel , Andrew-Hyde and amanderson2 for the excellent images from Flickr!

Enjoy it, stay safe and happy travels! Alright guys, I hope these tips should set you in good stead as you gallivant across this amazing continent. Angkor Wat - Cambodia: The staple diet for backpackers in the region, one of the seven wonders of the world, Angkor Wat's impressive temples can't fail to impress even the least cultured of backpackers!

For example, Thai New Year (Songkran Festival) happens during mid-April each yeah - this is one of the craziest festivals in the world, basically a 3-day water fight, so the last thing you want is to be stuck in some Cambodian jungle while Songkran is in full flow in the neighbouring country. Read up on the various festivals held in the countries you plan to visit and, where possible, try to coincide your visit with them. You know you'll be in the region for a certain number of weeks but don't know where or when exactly, right?

Watch out for any local festivals, as transport can be fully booked for over a week. Check it out the day before you want to travel to see your options and buy your ticket early to avoid disappointment. Each major town should have a main bus/train station.

It'll save a night's accommodation fees, you'll still get some sleep and wake up in your new destination bright and early - perfect. Often, you'll be travelling long distance so, where possible, book yourself on a sleeper train. If you want to rough it, you can take local transport - it's cheaper but slower.

Normally you can book your bus/train directly from the hostel you're staying at so it's stress free (there may be a small premium for this service).

3 Warning Signs Of Your Asia Travel Demise

Thailand's climate is characterised by high temperatures, high levels of humidity and plenty of sunny days, except during the monsoon when the majority of rainfall occurs. Thailand holidays are tropical, warm and humid practically all year round although seasonal changes do occur throughout the north and south. Despite the global economic down turn, Korean Air has made a $200+ million commitment to enhance its fleet and attract the attention and loyalty of business travelers, according to a press release received by Elite Traveler.

No human transmissions have been recorded in South Korea yet in current outbreak of a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu. The WHO on Monday called on all countries to be vigilant in monitoring outbreaks of bird flu. As consumption of poultry rises in the festive season, human contact with live poultry in farms and markets will also rise, adding to the risk of flu transmission.

Although bird flu strains typically infect poultry, fears are that the flu virus—which is prone to mutation—will change to one that can be transmitted to humans and become a potentially fatal strain that is transmissible among humans, causing a pandemic. Nearly 40 countries—including some in Europe—have reported new outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza of various strains in poultry or wild birds since November, according to the WHO. While there are no recommendations against travel to China, the health authority is advising travelers to the country not to touch birds and eat food that is fully cooked.

This came just as the CDC on Thursday issued a low level travel advisory on travel to China. Sarah Bradford discovers a wealth of archaeological and artistic history on her visit to Jordan but nothing surpasses the beauty and mystery of Petra - the rose red city that was created by the Nabateans and hidden for 1,600 years. This year he decided on Oman and the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa.

Pantomime is a big job for the actor so a holiday to a sunny clime before or after a season is a necessity. Now that's no longer true, according to Asia Transpacific Journeys. BOULDER, CO, March 2009 - Time was when a trip to Asia was months in the planning.

Get weekly updates of the latest adventure trade news in your inbox. Bookings without flights are protected by the Association of British Travel Agents. All our flights and air holidays are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Military activity, ethnic militias, armed drug smugglers and the presence of landmines pose a particularly high risk to your safety. There is high risk to your security along the borders with Laos, Thailand and China and we advise against all tourist and other non-essential travel in the vicinity of these borders, including official border crossings. Destinations in South East Asia where we advise against all travel.

Accordingly, there is now a region-wide warning out about the possibility of terrorist attacks in Southeast Asia Cuisine (asiatravel.news). Other countries in Southeast Asia, particularly those with Islamic populations, have terrorism concerns. In addition you will get access to premium content and offers.

Access the full Food and Travel magazine on your tablet, mobile or computer. Koh Jum is located very close to the Phi Phi National Marine Park and surrounded by stunning reefs making it a great place for diving and snorkeling. Nature lovers won't be disappointed as the lush green forests on the northern parts of the island are teeming with wildlife and ripe for exploration.

The island is largely untouched and has very few visitors, which makes it an idyllic island for a true cast-away experience. Koh Jum is a tropical island paradise accessible within thirty minutes by boat from mainland Krabi. We advise visitors to arrive early on the day and to make accommodation arrangements now as it is a very busy occasion - and one not to be missed.

Marina Bay is home to an unforgettable live show, where visitors can take in those famous sights as the night sky lights up in an array of colors. Celebrations are taken seriously in Singapore so expect a dazzling display of fireworks and a super exuberant atmosphere.

4 Ways To Reinvent Your Asia Travel

Furthermore, it would help the Cambodian economy. Cash donations avoid the risk and delay of sending packages to Cambodia, as well as a $30 fee banks charge to transfer the money internationally, Ross said. The Rosses enjoy the variety of experiences Cambodia offers, from the sublime - such as seeing the moon rise over the country's elegant temples - to the zany - such as watching five grown men ride a motor scooter or advertisements for English schools with misspellings.

We send guests to the Land Mine Museum in Siem Reap, on a boat ride on the Tonle Sap (lake), and in Phnom Penh (capital of Cambodia), we take them to the Apsara Arts Association, a nonprofit company that teaches street children the arts of Cambodia so they can get jobs. We have also included more glimpses into Cambodian life. According to Andrea, it's the first business of its kind in Cambodia to be owned and run by Americans.

Andrea and Brandon married six months ago in Phuket, Thailand, and opened Journeys Within Tour Co. and Bed & Breakfast to meet what they see as a growing wave of travelers wanting to see Angkor Wat. The Rosses also facilitate volunteer work in Cambodia by tourists. Journeys Within Our Community's projects include the school, a clean water project, and an effort to help advanced students get higher levels of education.

After watching the staff - Americans and Cambodians - work so diligently, I knew that whatever money I could give them would be well spent. The ideal voluntourism program aims to both make use of travelers' time and earn their future support. As Journeys Within president Brandon Ross put it, You may not be able to change the world, but you can change lives." Just as important was the faith my visit gave me in JWOC.

For once I stayed at a first-class hotel in the developing world and didn't feel some shame at my good fortune. I left Cambodia without the weight of the world's problems on my shoulders. Journeys Within keeps guests in Cambodia longer, through volunteer work and tours like a kayak trip from a village on Tonle Sap Lake.

The director of Heritage Watch, an NGO trying to conserve cultural artifacts, agreed that unrestricted access is bad but argued that the larger challenge News for asia travel information Cambodia is the brevity of most trips: Tourists typically spend a day or two at Angkor Wat and then move on to Thailand or Vietnam. Harder to justify was the traipsing around Angkor Wat: few sections were roped off, and my guide insisted that we could walk along the weathered stones. But while it was painful to walk by, each time I mentally added another dollar to the check I'd written to JWOC.

My reticence to give money to beggars (I was once scammed by a girl in India) might have lost out to the land mine victims looking for handouts near Siem Reap. The guilt that I often feel as a traveler in the developing world had little chance to gain traction in Cambodia. But when I spent $10 at a restaurant that employs street kids and $250 on a helicopter ride piloted by an Austrian expat, I wondered where most of my money was going.

Tourism is now big business in the stabilized country, and improving the quality of life is at least a declared goal for many tourist enterprises. Almost every tourist I met in Cambodia expressed a desire to help the country's people, who suffered so much in the 1970s and 1980s: U.S. bombing runs, a coup d'état, the Khmer Rouge genocide, and Vietnamese occupation. At best, I hoped to alleviate some of the guilt that comes with being a moneyed traveler in the developing world.

On the other days, I'd be volunteering with the tour operator's nonprofit Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC). I'd be spending about half of my time - as most visitors to Cambodia do - exploring Phnom Penh and the cultural relics of Angkor Wat, staying at high-end hotels and touring with private guides. I had come to Cambodia on a luxury volunteer vacation arranged through Journeys Within, a tour operator run by an American couple based in Siem Reap.

Asia Travel On A Budget: 10 Tips From The Great Depression

Living here made Brandon, an American who grew up in Park City, Utah, appreciate his good fortune.

Apart from the fact that it was so peaceful, and comfortable, and filled with lovely employees, and had delicious food, and a talented masseuse, I was impressed with the Journeys Within philosophy, and the way they're helping the local people. While looking for family-friendly accommodation in Siem Reap, we found Journeys Within Boutique Hotel, one of the few properties that explicitly described themselves as having family-friendly accommodations. Created in 2009, the Marine Megafauna Foundation works to research and protect populations of large marine species including sharks, rays, marine mammals and turtles that are found along the Mozambican coastline.

Journeys Within is proud to announce Ross as the newest board member to join long-time friend Dr. Andrea Marshall's Mozambique based organization, Marine Megafauna Foundation. Turning an old friendship into a new partnership, Journeys Within founder Andrea Ross has joined forces with a former classmate in an effort to preserve the world's largest underwater animals. Eperience exotic luxury on a budget by choosing the right hotels in the right locations.

In Southeast Asia your travel dollar stretches far. This also means that you can avoid working with your finances and personal information on unprotected networks in an unfamiliar place, and you can simply relax and enjoy your vacation." -Courtney Ridgel, Junior Tour Consultant at Journeys Within. For important transactions (such as monthly mortgage or rent payments) set up an automatic transfer for the correct date before you travel, rather than trying to log-on from your travel destination.

Depending on where you are traveling - internet or cell service can be spotty. Set up automatic bill payments before you travel. Celebrated on the date of the full moon each year (usually in November), Siem Reap is a fantastic home base to take in the festivities - including boat races, nighttime boat parades with illuminated vessels, carnival rides and traditional music and dance performances.

The traditional Khmer festival marks the end of the rainy season and the reversal of the flow of the Tonle Sap River. The genuine locals will share a sincere smile, and the country will capture your heart. What will strike you most about this country however is the way it has moved from a tainted past and brutal history into one of the most peaceful and spirited destination.

The things I like about my job… Having the opportunity to explore South East Asia, working with an incredible group of people from all around the world and putting together awesome new tours that showcase parts of cities and countries in South East Asia that most tourists never have the opportunity to see. The food is delicious and relatively cheap, the people are friendly and the stunning scenery is very similar to Thailand. Cambodia boasts thousands of temples in addition to Angkor, the largest religious monument in the world.

Whether it is your first trip to Asia or your 30th, we invite you celebrate with us this year! We love traveling so much that it never feels like work, so it was staggering to realize that this year marks ATJ'S 30th anniversary. A great way to make your Bali holiday easier and even more affordable is by choosing one of the Bali resorts with meal plans.

Bali is a popular holiday destination renowned for its affordable yet exotic atmosphere along with is excellent shopping, beaches and nightlife. As bookings to Japan increase, we look at some ways to enjoy a Japanese holiday for less. Just a 9 hour flight but practically a world away, Japan is high on the list of popular destinations.

Outbound travel from Australia grew 5.35% in the year ending October 2015. In fact, according to a recent report, international travel from Australia has actually increased! Although the falling Australian dollar might be making overseas travel more expensive for Aussies, it doesn't appear to be affecting our appetite News for asia travel information - https://asiatravel.news - international holidays.

As you'll see, there's a lot more to it than just needing to switch on the windscreen wipers. Still, it's interesting to discover just what it is about volcanic ash clouds that make them so dangerous for airplanes.